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not atoms. Muriel Rukeyaer

Mask Making as Narrative:

This mask making project developed out of a brief conversation and subsequent contact with Professor Jurgen Kalcher, from Germany. He is one of many in Europe involved in a project called Dianoia. The word dianoia stems from the Greek lexicon relating to imagination and knowledge. For more about this workshop, click here.

1 & 2

•Hefty 2 ply thick paper plates, 9 7/8 x 12 1/2
•Xacto knives for cutting out mouth, eyes and nose
•Amaco Sculptamold
•Mask stencil
•16” x 16” cardboard piece for placing mask on while working on
•newspaper and tape for making support under mask
•Plastic for cover cardboard
•Tag board and masking tape for making raised areas
•Plastic containers for mixing paper mache & water
•Popsickle sticks
•Paint & brushes
•misc. collage materials and decorative accents





1. Trace stencil of mask openings on paper plate. Cut out eyes, mouth and around sides and bottom of nose using exacto knife.
2. Cut one side of triangle traced at top. Overlap the top cut edge to meet the other line of the uncut triangle. Staple in place. Mask should be 3D now.
3. Use tagboard and masking tape to make raised areas like noses, beaks, horns etc.
4. Mix sculptamold powder into water, stir. Consistency should be like clay. It will set up in 30 minutes, more or less and can be added even after set.
5. Gesso to seal if desired and then paint background as desired.
6. Add papers and other media.
7. Lastly add 3-D materials.


Finished masks from Lake Hope, October 2007

4 5
6 7

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