Art and Science, a STEM Approach

Artists are influenced by the world around them which includes developments in science and technology. Paper engineering, in the form of PopUp books have been around for over 500 years. Initially developed for the entertainment of adults, they have come to be a part of childhood books and imaginations. Amazingly there is much math, science and technology used to create one, as well as art. Art and STEM together? You betcha!

The PDFs below were developed by Seema Rao, through Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio, now known as Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, to support the creative teachings of visiting artist, Carolina Illanes. They were made available for participants at the Science Olympiad held at John Carroll University, March 22, 2014

Easy PopUp

Easy PopUp, downloadable PDF


A Cone PopUp1

A Cone PopUp, downloadable PDF


PopUp Platform 1

PopUp Platform 2

Platform PopUp, downloadable PDF


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